jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011


1. Write these statements, questions, orders, requests and suggestions in reported speech:
            A) “You should have told us you were coming”, they said
B) “I’ve started a new job this week”, she told me
C) “Did they finish the report this morning?” the editor asked.
D) “When can you start work, Susan?” John said
E) “Bring me the report when the meeting is finished, please”, he said
F) “Where did you send my old clothes?” John asked Susan
G)” Let’s not go out tonight”, she said                     
H) “Leave the room  now!” she said
I) “Please, could you close the door when you leave?” She requested
J) “I’ll miss you next summer”, my boyfriend said
K) “Don’t come into my garden”, the old man said to us
L)”You didn’t try hard enough yesterday”, my coach complained
M) ”When did you start your life of crime?” the policewoman asked the man
N) “What about meeting for lunch tomorrow?” Marlene said
O) “These students must get help now”, the teacher said
P) “Don’t open this envelope before your birthday!” my friend insisted
Q) “I will explain everything tomorrow”, Peter promised
R)”When will see you again” we wondered
S)”Do the washing–up before you go out”, my mother told me
T) “We haven’t seen Patricia today”, the girls claimed

2.- Change the following sentences to direct speech
            A) Helen told me that she liked my new haircut
                B) Sara suggested that we bring those CDs to the party
                C) The teacher told us not to talk during the lesson
                D) Matt promised that he wouldn’t be late for the meeting that afternoon
                E) He wanted to know if I had worked there for a long time
                F) He told me that he might take a year off after his degree
                G) He asked Susan to phone him as soon as she arrived home
                H) She said that her parents had been married for twenty –five years
                I) She wondered whether people should watch so much television

3.- Correct the sentences
A)      My teacher asked that what I wanted to do at university
B)      Sharon told to me that she had been waiting for three hours.
C)      Our teacher warned us not cheat in the exam
D)      They told us that we have to stop the car
E)      Mark phoned because he wanted to know if was I at college or if I have gone home.
F)       Peter suggested to go to the party
G)      Ewan told us don’t talk too loudly
H)     Paul asked us whether we are going to the beach for lunch
I)        The editor apologized to be late for the meeting
J)        Lucy wanted to know how much had the supermodel earned in 2004
K)      She offered help me with my homework

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